May 13, 2012

One Mitten Down...

Or almost.  I'm waiting to finish the thumbs until I've knit the matching hat: changes can be made if I run low on certain colors of yarn.

The mittens were going to turn out a little big as written so I removed one row of red flowers and charted two blue flowers for the tip.  I like the result.  The tip will be seamlessly grafted with matching yarn, I wanted to try them on first though.

Unfortunately I cut myself making dinner on Fri so knitting is on hold.  It's looking much better by today and I know from experience that sharp knife cuts heal quickly.  Stabbings really hurt!



  1. Eek, stabbings do hurt! I hope you're healed up by now.

    1. The cut is healing well but I sprained my left index finger and started knitting before it was healed. So this project is on hold until next week soonest. And I'm typing without it.


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