December 9, 2013

Winter Color

I don't look forward to the cold weather and dark days of winter.  Once they've arrived, however, I love the bright warm handknits!  Colorful stranded mittens keep my hands warm.  A soft lacy scarf can be wrapped around my neck, or cover a freezing face on a bitter cold day.  Bright hats not only cheer me up, but provide visibility when walking.  Hooray for bright warm woolies!

December 5, 2013

How to Rock Movember

How to Rock Movember: A Ladies' Guide

First, be cute.  Now you can be born cute, or you can have cuteness thrust upon you.  But I don't know that one can achieve cuteness, at least not without a seed of proto-cute to cultivate.

Second, the 'stash.  All men have to do is stop shaving their upper lips.  But, being a lady, I need to supplement nature.  Hence the invention of liquid eyeliner.

I went with a pencil mustache and soul patch.  It's so 5 years ago, but this was...5 years ago!  What a fun Halloween costume: I actually fooled some friends (from behind) into asking "Who's the new boy?"

The second attempt, at New Year's, was more dramatic.  I still pull it off, but going Handlebar would be over the top.  It's good to know one's limits.

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