December 5, 2013

How to Rock Movember

How to Rock Movember: A Ladies' Guide

First, be cute.  Now you can be born cute, or you can have cuteness thrust upon you.  But I don't know that one can achieve cuteness, at least not without a seed of proto-cute to cultivate.

Second, the 'stash.  All men have to do is stop shaving their upper lips.  But, being a lady, I need to supplement nature.  Hence the invention of liquid eyeliner.

I went with a pencil mustache and soul patch.  It's so 5 years ago, but this was...5 years ago!  What a fun Halloween costume: I actually fooled some friends (from behind) into asking "Who's the new boy?"

The second attempt, at New Year's, was more dramatic.  I still pull it off, but going Handlebar would be over the top.  It's good to know one's limits.


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