January 1, 2012

Why I Knit

I remember seeing a yarn store for the first time and being amazed by the colors and textures.  I've always loved colorful things and different textures: the smooth silky feel of slips, firm ballet tights, thick wool coats that wrap you up in warmth and security.  Clothes shopping has always been a very tactile experience, feeling for quality as well as assessing by eye.

When I discovered that there were entire stores devoted to selling yarn…!  I still remember the thrill of opening the phone book and seeing listings under "Yarn Store." This was even better than a fabric store, so much different texture and color and purpose from sheep!  This was something I could create while I did other things.  If I made a mistake the fabric wasn't ruined, unlike sewing.

My arthritis has improved a great deal, thanks to modern medicine.  I've been finishing knitting projects like crazy: a sleeve cap to reknit on a sweater, then sew the sleeves in and it's done!  The double knit mittens just need thumbs.  A lacy cowl will be seamed after I post this.  I feel so wonderfully productive!  Hopefully PT goes well tomorrow and I can start sewing again too.  I'm anxious to start the velveteen jumper and maybe wear it this winter.  The mockup will serve as a pattern, I double checked the measurements a couple days ago :)


  1. The knitted fabric in the photo looks gorgeous. Love the colors! And the texture!
    I can totally relate. I love shopping for yarn. And I too find that knitting is so forgiving...my mistakes seem to add texture and character to the knitted fabric instead of ruining it. I have given up hand knitting due to arthritis but have recently dug out my never used ultimate sweater machine and is having fun being productive. I missed the portability of hand knitting though. I tried loom knitting but I think it is just as hard on the hands as hand knitting.

  2. @Sue
    Thank you, Sue. I'm glad to hear you can still create, it's such a difficult loss!

    The photo is a scarf but sadly the sides curl terribly. I'm trying to think how to fix it, crochet edging didn't work, so will probably reuse the yarn. Maybe I should hang it up somewhere to enjoy it in the meantime :)


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