January 18, 2012

So, It's Snowing

For most people, in most places, this would be no big deal.  However Seattle doesn't do snow well, including forecasting it.  See, it doesn't stay below freezing so what was snow becomes slush, then ice.  The city just got wise to salt and deicer--way to be 20th century! lol  A few years ago we had a nice big normal snow storm, where it was 19F for weeks, and most people got around just fine.  After the learning curve...

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All of this is to say, sorry for not posting.  It's too cold to sew but I've been knitting, and greatly enjoying handknits while trekking through the winter wonderland.  It's fantastic living in the city, walking to visit friends the last couple evenings :)  There was sledding at the end of my street on Sunday, hoping I can join in today!


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