January 6, 2012

Jumper: Fabric's Cut!

My body hurts less and is more functional, I no longer have a sinus infection, so it's time to get sewing!  I just finished cutting the striped velveteen :)  It feels so lovely, looks fabulous even with the nap facing down (longer-wearing), and the needle slips through like butter.  I'm online to check past fitting notes--so helpful!--and now will mark the darts.

I haven't cut the brown velvet trim yet.  I know I want a strip down the front button band.  Depending how that looks, I may trim the armholes and neck with velvet.  Maybe velvet piping, if the velvet plays nicely.  Though I'm leaning toward a more plain look.

The wrong side of the fabric is soft, but cotton, so I'm thinking of adding a lining.  I may sew up a silk charmeuse slip instead.  If I don't line, seam binding sounds like a nice way to finish the edges.


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