February 22, 2013

A Weekend Away

A couple weekends ago I went out of town to a beautiful house on the water. It was a great time with friends and something I wish I could do more often.  Three days of friends, talking, knitting, eating great food, and a hot tub as well!

The second day there was beautiful, clear and sunny, but I just couldn't get warm.  I stayed inside and enjoyed some quieter time, and focused on appreciating that I was able to be there instead of missing walking along the beach.  I did get some photos, which don't show how bright it felt despite the still-low winter sun.  It was a lovely weekend away, and just as nice to come home to my quiet comfy apartment and snuggly kitties :)

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  1. I so would love this place, this retreat on the water, where you spent time knitting !!! I once did something similar in a treehouse for two days :)


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