February 7, 2012

My Yarn Harlot Moment

The Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, is a humorous knitting author/blogger.  In (at least) one of her books she writes about the urge to inspect stranger's knits in public.  I laughed when reading but foolishly thought my knit stalking was safely confined to Knit Night.

Yesterday I was riding the bus and noticed a man wearing a lovely hat.  It was obviously hand knit--the yarn, the fit, the decreases at the top.  It may well have been homespun, too.  I almost got up, sat down next to him, and said "I like your hat."  Which, ideally, would lead him to tell me the story of said hat.  I was also grieving for my lost hat so it was quite emotional in my adorable little head ;)

Luckily for him, he exited the bus just as my urge to accost him was becoming overwhelming.  It was a beautiful hat, though.  He wasn't bad looking either, hee hee.


  1. People generally like getting compliments--he probably would have been nice (although, alas, the hand-knit hat probably indicates some sort of significant other).

    1. You're absolutely right about compliments, and if he was into the hat it could have gone well.
      I actually landed myself a fella, so am not in the market. This does not deter me from talking to strangers, of course ;)


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