March 15, 2012

Spring; New Project

First off, who doesn't like pictures of flowers in spring?  A month ago the first crocuses bloomed, though it has also snowed a couple times.  The daffodils are opening up to the newly arrived sun, and today I saw miniature Iris!

I did some (mental) work on the jumper.  I measured myself side seam-to-side seam across the front and back hip, discovering that my back is 10cm wider.  The jumper back is 4 or 5cm wider, so now I know what changes to make.

The project I'm really excited about, since I can work on it with strep or migraines or whatever (oh yeah, it's been an exciting month): a shawl pattern inspired by Estonian lace.  It uses unusual lace knitting techniques and I'm knitting a new-to-me shape.  Here's a beautiful example of modern lace inspired by tradition.

Lace Swatch
The shawl so far


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