June 23, 2012

Peerie Flooers Hat

The Peerie Flooers hat is done, to match the mittens I finished a couple weeks ago.  It's amazing how much faster the knitting went on a circular needle, and having memorized the pattern.  I also added a soft merino hem lining, as in the mittens, since my forehead is sensitive to itchy wool.

I made a tiny alteration to the last two rounds of the crown: instead of k2tog around I worked *k1, sl2 k1 psso* leaving 6 sts.  This continued the lines of the centered double decreases.  I'm quite pleased with myself, even though very few people will be tall enough to notice, lol.

In a future post I'll explain how I solved--in this case at least--the problem of the end of round jog.


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