August 14, 2012

New-Old Sundress

Years ago, when I was maybe 15, my mom sewed me a sundress.  Since I have a long torso the waist was a little short, and I was too self conscious to wear something that not everyone else was wearing.  I kept it, though, planning to at least reuse the fabric.  I unpicked the main seams a couple years ago.

Now I'm gong to sew it back together, adding a waistband for extra length if necessary.  It's a cute fabric, a polished cotton floral, with cut-on sleeves and a gathered skirt.  The buttonholes have already been worked all the way up the center front, with pink flower buttons.  If I can finish it quickly I'll be able to wear it this summer :)  We're having hot weather and tomorrow seems like a perfect day to stay indoors and whip up a sundress.


  1. Sounds like a good project! The dress will be delighted to be worn after all these years.

    1. I hope so! I think it actually fits better now :)


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