December 4, 2012

Family and Friends

My grandmother was visiting from out of town for a few weeks so I spent as much time with her as I could.  It's fun to be an adult and learn about her early life.  I knit her a ruffle scarf, just like the scarf at right but in plum.  She loved it.  She also went home with a lace shawl, so plenty of knitted lovelies to show off to her friends.  It's so cool being one of the most bragged about grandkids :)

As a shocking departure from previous dating posts, I had a good date!  And then another, with the same man.  The whole world must have turned upside down!  It's still early days but this is more progress than I've made in years, and with a good solid guy.

I'm really looking forward to holiday parties.  Seeing friends and family makes this one of my favorite times of year.  I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!


  1. I am sure she was thrilled with her scarf--that is gorgeous pattern!


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