April 26, 2013

A Post

I want to post but don't have anything specific to base an entire post on.  Instead a quick update:

I'm continuing to spin and feel my fingers getting more proficient each time, that's very cool.  The last couple weeks have been migraine heavy so I've been struggling to stay caught up with eating, cleaning and other basics of life.

The cleaner who made life so much easier and nicer? She quit.  I can only clean part of a room at a time, and rarely two days in a row, so my place is not great.  I really need to vacuum again but that's the hardest job for me.  I'm looking for a new cleaner, but that's really slowed down by the migraines.

My hands are hurting less, the arthritis seems under better control, so I've been knitting more.  Hopefully I'll have a finished project to show soon.  I'm thinking about what I can knit with handspun yarn, too, which is fun :)


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