July 27, 2013

Post #301

I just noticed and thought it deserved a post.  That's a lot of project updates, random thoughts, and whatever else I write about.  I've been really bad at blogging lately, mainly because life has been hard.  I'm focusing on activities of daily living, which is what Social Security calls the stuff you need to do to get through the day.  They're all about limitations to your ADLs.

Eating, getting to medical appointments, and otherwise taking care of myself and the cats has been the main thing.  And keeping up with friends, mostly online but some in person too.  Things are going better this weekend, and I'm very happy about that.

I bought a new spinning wheel but don't have photos worthy of posting yet.  I'll need to move it into the sun--yes, Seattle's having real summer weather!  It's lovely.  And hot.  Ah well ;)  Take care everyone, and thanks for hanging in with me.


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