November 5, 2013

London Travelogue: Day 3

16. Oct, 2013
Wednesday's agenda was simple: visit my friend Pauline.  Anything else was gravy.

I took the tube to Hyde Park Corner, which is one of the busiest intersections in London and thus completely mad.  I got lost in the middle of the giant roundabout: I believe I was confusing the Artillery and Machine gun memorials, silly me.  I eventually found my way and caught my bus.

Hyde Park Corner
I had a lovely visit with my friend!  It was very nice to be in a comfortable, homey place just chatting.  After so many new sights and experiences, familiarity was very welcome.  She's the first long-distance internet friend I've met :)

I rode the bus back, watching the sun set pink against the white stone buildings of Baker Street.  When I returned to the hotel it was time for dinner, where I chatted with a friendly Londoner with a Cockney accent.  It may not sound like the most eventful day, but I had a lovely time :)

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic time, and it is great that you got to meet your friend too!


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