October 20, 2015

A Birthday

Last weekend was my birthday, I am a shocking 39yo.  No, I'm not sure how that happened either.  But so far I'm liking it: I have more confidence, plenty of life experience, and can happily ignore bad or annoying advice.  Be grateful I'm not your aunt, I'd be telling you to go talk to that boy: he can't know you like him if you don't talk to him!

It's not a birthday without cake.  I got drinks with a few friends during the week, had a party with family on the day, and saw a couple other friends as well.  A well spent holiday.
Mmmm, cake

"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm." H D Thoreau  (I used to have a copy of Bartlett's, with favorites bookmarked.  This was a more recent acquisition however)


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