November 24, 2015

Cold Weather Coping for Chronic Illness

Winter is here and these are some ways I stay warm and comfy despite the chill:

Heated mattress pad: I bought one of these last fall and it changed my life.  No more crawling into bed to huddle in a ball for 10-15 minutes while I warm the sheets.  The bed is already warm when I get in!  Bonus, the queen size has two zones so one can be warmer and one cooler for maximum nighttime comfort.

Wool socks: These are a must have in my opinion.  If your feet are still cold, or you can't wear wool, try some silk sock liners.  Also wear sturdy shoes, they help keep the warmth in.

Mittens: Mittens are the only way I can even attempt to keep my hands warm in winter.  Gloves don't let my fingers warm each other so the chill of doom sets in.  Fingerless mitts are nice for cool indoor days as well.

Lap blanket: I spend a good amount of time at home and a blanket keeps me comfortable without having the heat yo-yoing all day.  If you made your lap blanket, so much the better.  A cat in your lap is also an excellent way to stay warm :)

Hot drinks: I recommend a hot mug of tea.  A very large mug is perfect, it stays warm longer and needs refilled less frequently.

Long underwear: I swear by silk long johns.  They make jeans comfy and practical even when the temp dips to freezing.  Leggings or runner's tights would work also but I like how thin and slippery silk is.  I bought mine deeply discounted at Nordstrom Rack.

It's harder to take care of sick bodies but maybe the ideas will help you this winter.


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