January 20, 2016

Hawaii Vacation Part 2 (of 2)

I am back home from Hawaii, where I had a fabulous time!

Kona sunset watching/beach knitting

The Benlysta seems to be working, I had an energy bump that lasted until the second-to-last day! Realistically I should call it a period of diminished fatigue, but energy bump sounds better. Also my skin was less irritable and overall I was less swollen :) Ankles-not-cankles, woo!

But back to Hawaii:

Gecko on my balcony!
Warm and breezy
INSIDE the Kona airport
I would enjoy flying more if all airports were like Kona's.

Coffee plantation
Kona Brewing Co's Big Wave Ale with pizza
I tried several varieties of Kona Brewing Co's beers. My favorite? Da Grind Buzz Stout, which they don't appear to bottle. Black Sand Porter was also quite tasty.
I saw people drinking Bud Light--really? REALLY??? Let me buy you a Longboard.

The sunsets were amazing
Sunsets were beautiful, also a time when I could hang around outside without sunscreen ;) It did confuse me to have the sun setting at 6pm--the warm weather tricked my brain into thinking it was summer, when it stays light here until after 9pm.


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