September 26, 2016

I love nurses

I went for a Benlysta infusion today. It went very well, and I enjoyed catching up with Awesome Infusion Nurse. I told her about my rheumatologist saga. Mine is still out on medical leave, with no idea if or when she'll return, so I need somebody. Options on Medicaid are limited, and most rheumies want positive labs (which I don't have).

My PCP met the clinic's new rheumies and suggested I see one of them. Weeks later and something was holding up the works. I called and nothing changed. But Awesome Infusion Nurse spoke to the scheduler today and voila! I see a new rheumy on Wednesday. That's in two days, which is astonishingly quick.

Today's infusion was located in a sunbeam :)
I'm still sad over losing Jake, but adjusting. The house feels emptier without him.


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