January 22, 2018


Already it's been an interesting year. On Jan 2nd I got an eviction threat from the building manager based on--I kid you not--removing an outdated piece of paper from the lobby. That started a quest to bring attention to the manager's pattern of bullying and threatening tenants. I'm working with a tenants' rights organization on that. I don't always want to be the squeaky wheel but I am good at it.

Then came last week. Tuesday I was so tired I stayed in bed most of the day, including when my Home Care person came to clean. (Yay, the state is paying someone to help me now!) In Wednesday's mail I was denied SSDI (insufficient evidence) and Enbrel (ditto). SSDI is better disability than I currently have, but to qualify I have to prove I was unable to work before age 22. Evidence from 19+ years ago is not easy to find. Enbrel is the new autoimmune med Rheumy wants me to try. Except it's for RA and I don't have RA. Rheumy and Nurse are appealing, which is quite a job. I love them.

Also Wed I discovered that someone had stolen my new wicking boxers from the mailroom. The night sweats are back and worse so I've been assembling tactical pajamas. I put up signs. The signs made me feel better.

I'm too tired to feel shame
Caption: I want my underpants back. Tuesday Amazon delivery. Blue boxers.
Won't fit you; I'm tiny. No questions asked.
Thursday my massage therapist was out sick, so I had a day to go splat and see a friend. Friday Nurse called about the Enbrel denial and I took a last minute trip into the office for a TB test. It's required before Enbrel can be approved and this way we're on top of it. I stopped into the records dept and signed a waiver to get copies of whatever SSDI-relevant stuff is in my chart from 1996-98. Fingers crossed there's anything at all. After all that I crashed.

Things are looking up because on Friday I'm heading to Hawaii for a week 😁 Warm and sunny sound perfect right now. There the air kissing your cheek smells like flowers.

PS: Amazon refunded my purchase and replacement boxers arrived today.


  1. Sounds like a stressful time right now. The denied letters always made me sad.

    I had to fire my entire Home Care Company today. After months of bad communicating and lies I finally just had had enough and fired them straight out. Now I'm on the hunt for a new one.

  2. Wow. Too stress-filled. I'm wishing things were easier right now. SSDI almost always says no to your first request. I got an attorney to handle my appeal and was successful. It was a relief to have some help in that process. I wish you luck in your appeal and am sending healing thoughts your way.


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