December 14, 2010


Growing up my name was always something I noticed.  I'm from a blended family so had a different last name than my immediate family.  It was not a negative, just another detail to complicate life.  As an adult I wanted to take my mother's maiden name, since I'm very close to her family, but it wasn't worth the emotional and legal hassle.  I've since gotten married and changed my name, then got divorced and changed it to my mother's maiden :)  That's it, enough names, I'm done!

It's fascinating how much a name can impact how you see someone.  Everyone has met a person who's turned them off from anyone else with that name.  I think in words and if I meet someone and am not able to spell their name I cannot remember it.  However, if I can write a name down or envision the letters in my mind it sticks.  Also I think of people by the spellings of their names, which I have to keep to myself since it  makes no sense to anyone else.

*I'm just finishing a pair of socks and a sweater so soon I'll have photos to share!

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  1. Names are awkward things, aren't they? Our oldest daughter has my surname, while our youngest has their father's. This resulted from a deal we made when I was pregnant the first time---girl would get my name, boy would get his. Second time round, I let him pick.

    I also need to see things written down---names, new words, anything in a foreign language. Something about the visual makes it more real, somehow.


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