April 16, 2012

Done, Almost Done and Coming Attraction

I've satisfactorily finished a top, from bleached muslin.  It began life as Simplicity 2936 but I altered just about everything.  Side bust darts added, back seam with swayback alteration, it slips over my head, internal bias strips for facings, sleeves narrowed, and darts in the raglan sleeves.  Last I added two bias loops to the rear darts at waist height and cinched them with a loop of elastic cord.  I used a ribbon at first until I realized just how hard it is to tie a bow behind my back!  Boring front-facing pic.

And a skirt that I finished two years ago but have fiddled with ever since.  Made from two trapezoids of lycra/rayon knit, lined with white jersey (old t-shirts), and two rectangles for the wrap-over waistband.  The lining sagged after wearing and required surgery to shorten the lining and rehem the layers separately.  The hems edges were serged, turned under, and zigzagged down.  The blue print hem still needs an additional row of stitching to stay flat after washing, then it'll be done for real ;)

The jersey creates a lovely drape and doesn't cling during hot weather.  I even accidentally fabric matched at center front :)  The outer fabric is translucent and looked best with a white under layer, so lining it was!

I apologize for the blurry back photo.

Hem detail

There was enough fabric left after the skirt to squeeze out a top, which just needs a few finishing details.

Next on my agenda, aside from sewing, is to create a DIY Serger oiling, cleaning and timing tutorial.  This will be a lot of work but with sunshine I'll have enough light for photos.  I'm hoping to feel well enough to dive in and get it done quickly.


  1. Looking forward to the serger tutorial!

    1. Thanks for reading. I took the serger photos today, then a couple days to write up the post. I hope.

  2. The top looks great, but that skirt is gorgeous! I hope you get lots of wear out of it post-surgery. :)

    I will cross my fingers hoping for wellness for you.


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