September 7, 2012

Sweater Failure

I was 98% finished with the Tangled Yoke sweater, tried it on (again) and realized that it's a total failure a mess up top.  The cable turned out ok but the fit of the yoke is poor and not something I can fix without major surgery.  There's a bubble of extra fabric above each underarm, more than is typical for a yoke sweater.  Adding a few decreases, a la raglan sweaters, would probably eliminate that.

I'm very upset that a designer's bad choice messed up something I've been working on since June.  I took many measurements of myself and my favorite sweaters, compared them against the stitch counts and schematic, and thought I had a winner.

I'll try to post photos tomorrow of the problem spots.  Even the magazine photos show the excess fabric at underarm:

The gathering under the cables:


  1. Have you washed it? I had the same gathering in my last sweater, but just a couple shots of steam fixed it. A sweater itsn't finished if it's just off the needles :-). While I don't recommend actual blocking (ie deforming it to suit what you should have done instead), a nice wash and dry flat will take care of most of those issues.
    As to fabric at underarms, I'm afraid you're looking at a yoke sweater the way it should be. Sometimes the magazine photos are doctored to hide flaws, but here you could totally see it. And frankly there's nothing wrong with it, so maybe you should try to get used to it, after you wash it?

    1. I did wash and pat the cables into shape. The sweater actually relaxed overnight and looked much better the next day, so I'm much happier with it now. I'll go after the remaining bubbles with steam. I have another yoke sweater that has the same funny underarm thing, but this was a much worse. I think just adding a couple decreases at the front underarm would get rid of the excess fabric.

      I was upset because the fit from hem to bust is fantastic. I'd much rather something be off at the hem than front and center!


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