September 30, 2014

Happy Humira Tuesday!

This morning FedEx delivered my first dose of Humira.  A large box arrived with a styrofoam cooler, dry ice, and an surprisingly small box of 2 Humira injector pens.  And so much paperwork to send back to the specialty pharmacy, ugh.  Don't breathe in the dry ice, kids, it can kill you (fun fact: the body regulates breathing based on CO2, not O2).

I'll use one injection every other week, and won't expect to feel any change for at least a couple weeks.  I'm an old hand with injector pens, after years of Imitrex, so that part's easy.

And next month, just in time for Halloween, I'll get another delivery.  Maybe I'll be feeling well enough to carve a cool Jack O' Lantern, or find some other fun use for the dry ice.


  1. Just found your blog and so much resonates! I am in a very similar situation.. I really hope you find relief with the Humira. Best wishes!!


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