September 23, 2014

Winter is Coming

*I started this a week and a half ago, but computer issues and fatigue delayed posting.  

Cold winter weather is on its way but so is a heated mattress pad. I had one as a kid and it was wonderful.  My body has become poor at temperature control, especially when I'm asleep, so this should help.  Last winter I tucked sweatpants into wool socks and slept in 3 top layers under a down comforter and quilt.  Even using the electric baseboards judiciously, I could barely move without generating scary amounts of static electricity.  Seeing arcs off your fingers is pretty bizarre.

Aside from autumn weather, I've been dealing with increased fatigue.  Daily naps are no longer optional, my body just stops and sleeps.  Insurance denied Humira coverage, which I'm appealing with the doctor's office's help.  Maybe in a couple more weeks I'll get it?  Can't come soon enough!

Update: Humira was approved!!!  Hopefully I'll be able to start in by the end of the week.  There's a pharmacy issue to sort out first.


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