July 14, 2016

Posh or Not

First impressions are important. No matter what a doctor may have read in my chart, she still forms an opinion of me when we meet. I present as an intelligent, educated, middle class white woman (undereye concealer plays a big role). In short: posh. In reality I'm poor, prefer rock to classical, dropped out of college, and am decidedly unfancy. Just thinking about being posh makes me itch.

Sometimes my "healthy person drag" counts against me, making me seem like a bored, attention-seeking malingerer. The best docs see through that, however, and realize the effort involved in creating that illusion. Having pride in myself shows that I haven't lost hope, that I want to function in and enjoy the world. The best medical professionals take me seriously, accept the contrast between my outward appearance and extensive medical record, and work with me to build a treatment partnership. You don't have to be or look posh to do that.

This day I was looking particularly good :)

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  1. It's an interesting truth that people judge us by first, visual impressions, and 2nd, our verbal skill. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, several millennia from when we first adapted to having those skills, but it is a truth. Either way, your understanding of it and the need to sometimes drop the mask a little is very well written!


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