July 29, 2016

Food (Or, I am Summer's Gut)

My relationship with food? It's complicated. My bored asshole immune system has decided that my gastrointestinal system is its new playground. It literally hates my guts. Nausea? check. Pain? check. Oh hey look, there's an eject button in my intestines? Check.

I've had issues with nausea for a few years but it's gotten worse in the last six months. At times I struggle to eat enough, so nuts or bags of M&Ms are my new bedtime snack. When I do eat I often have pain, to a greater or lesser degree, which makes the whole thing not much fun. The pain is very similar to feeling overfull. I've always disliked that feeling and will happily leave one bite to avoid it. Now, however, I have to push through.

I think my endocrine issues are playing a significant role in this. I return to the Endocrinologist on Tuesday to discuss my lab results. Cortisol was high I know, but endo is tricky! That's why we have doctors ;) Seriously though, I'd love to be medically boring. That would be amazing.


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