August 3, 2016

Stump the Endocrinologist

So that happened yesterday. My cortisol is high, but why? Nobody knows. Much blood testing ruled out things but left a bigger question mark. My endo is concerned and determined to figure this out, though.

The next step is a 24 hour urine collection and a salivary cortisol test. They gave me a very large (3L) jug for the former. The fetching hat actually goes in the toilet to collect the urine (it's as yet unused).

Guess how I'll be spending my Sunday. "Hey Summer, want to hang out?" "I can't, I have to stay home and pee. All day." Bummer. Hopefully this only needs to be done once. They do the collection from morning Day1 to morning Day2 so I can't even wiggle it in around weekday stuff :/

But I stopped at the bakery for a special sandwich and some pastries. Tasty tasty self bribery :)


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