February 20, 2011

Play Date

I went on a date today and it was good.  It was with a guy I met online, who invited me to see a play this afternoon.  I was very nervous before he picked me up--my first date in 3 years!  Plus I was worried about my neck hurting, and trying to explain my health issues.  The play was good and we enjoyed talking.  After we got food and talked more.

We stopped in to play pool somewhere and found out there was a swing dance class starting in an hour.  So we went back to my place, I changed, and back we went.  I was so excited to meet friendly people in the swing dance community and dance for the first time in too long.  Maybe this would be the impetus to take more lessons and go to dances.  I got 15min into the class then felt so lightheaded I had to sit down.  For the rest of the class.  He was very nice and checked on me.  I felt better by the end of the hour-long class and we danced some.  We hung out there then he dropped me home.

Now my legs are sore, I have a headache, my neck's bothering me, and I hate that I can't go dancing--something I love.  I'm glad to have tried, and that I could do some, but it's very disappointing to always be reminded of how screwed up my body is.  I wish I could go back in time to 17yo and switch for a healthy body.  Telling someone about my life is pretty depressing.


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