February 11, 2011

Posing Practice

Inspired by Gertie's "I'm Tired; Here's a Video of a Cat" posts:

Some photos of me posing in my new fancy dress.  I saw the dress, loved the dress, bought the dress, now I need to find somewhere to wear it.  I'm sure something will turn up :)

This seemed a great excuse to practice posing for photos.  It's a silk bias dress with sequins, something I'd never sew for myself.  Plus it's a magic dress that skims over my lumpy bits!

I love the bodice! 

The back

The straps slide through loops at sides.
I'll baste the straps once they're properly adjusted.


  1. My daughter says "Nice dress!" I do too. Posing practice is always good. :)

  2. @tanitisis
    Thank you and your daughter!
    I didn't realize how difficult posing was until I tried and failed, lol.

  3. Gorgeous dress! It looks beautiful on you.
    I don't like posing for photos either. I much prefer to be behind the camera, although I'm starting to get used to it after a year of blogging. I tend to take a zillion shots and eventually there is one that is worthy of posting online!

  4. @Sherry
    Thank you!
    I do the same thing, take a bunch of photos and hope one or two turn out well. It usually works ;)


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