March 18, 2011


This blog has gotten very thinky-talky lately, since I've been in a lot of pain and unable to make noticeable progress on projects.

I've been thinking about friendship a lot this week and how people move in and out of our lives.  I know quite a few people.  I'd call many of them friends.  But how many can I call when life is terrible?  Or who know me well enough to offer just what I need?  This week there were none, then one.  One is a much better number.  

The other things I've been thinking about I'm afraid to write for fear of sounding crazy.  Mostly about God and pain and the impact all this has on people around me.  I was aware that my life was very difficult and stressful for friends or significant others.  I am newly aware of just how difficult.  It makes me afraid to start another relationship, honestly.  I was focusing on finding a church and making and strengthening friendships anyway.  If I can manage the pain long enough...

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  1. I bookmarked your blog for your mother so that she could read it and make comments. Not sure she will though.


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