March 20, 2011

Jumper Fitting 2

Since yesterday's jumper fitting I pinned some adjustments to the mockup and took more photos.  The main changes were adjusting the back torso for excess length and reading the wrinkles.


The initial fit on left, today's fit on right.

The back darts need to be closer to the center, especially below the waist, so they point to the fullest area.  The left dart is further from the center and creates more drag lines.  (I really slapped this mockup together and it shows).

I like how the armhole hits at the shoulder line on right and am planning to gently scoop out the back neckline. 

I'm pretty happy with the fit above the waist, at least in this stiff fabric.  There's enough room to move but it doesn't look baggy.
Diagonal drag line :/

I don't know what to make of the diagonal drag line below the waist.  Maybe it's a symptom of the other problems. 

The front still has some problems as well, but nothing major.  Resewing the side seams from upper hip to armhole, with the fabric evenly distributed, should get rid of the drag lines from dart to side seams.  I think.

The hip adjustment has been pinned but not sewn.

Now to: adjust the back darts and side seams and check the fit.  Also rotate one bust dart so it's horizontal, leaving the other side as a control.  

I'll try the jumper on with a blouse to see how the armhole fits.  My initial idea was for the dress to be wearable on its own or with a top, then realized that sleeveless velveteen rarely makes sense ;)


  1. What a huge improvement! Amazing what a teeny-tiny alteration can do.

    ... now the tricky part, getting it onto the pattern ;) (and you will probably want to add the length you pinned out at the waist on to the hem... I always forget to do that and then wonder why my back hem rides up...

  2. @Tanit-Isis
    I'm surprised how much fabric I pinned out! Now to tackle the darts...

    I appreciate the hem reminder. I'll lower the hem and make sure it's straight (mockup used all the fabric I had).

  3. Hey thanks for the comment I like the jumper

  4. Wow, I can't believe what a difference the back waist length adjustment makes! You are really getting there on the fit. This is going to be cute!

  5. @Emily
    Thank you, Emily. I enjoy comments so other people must too :)

  6. @The Slapdash Sewist
    I was similarly shocked by the positive change! This feels like a good unpicking and draping day, so hopefully more progress to share soon.


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