May 19, 2011

Blouse w/ Recycled Trim

As I posted earlier, I'm reusing embroidered pillowcase trim for a blouse.  I chose a pattern, Simplicity 2936, and cut it last night.  I'm using bleached muslin which matches the poly/cotton trim pretty well.

I made a couple changes to the pattern: ditched the facings, altered view C sleeves to one piece, cut the front on the fold, and cut the back with a seam.  This made best use of my fabric and will allow for swayback adjustments if necessary.  I forgot to add a seam allowance when cutting the first back piece so left a generous 1.5" on the second piece.  I'll sew the back seam 1/4" off center, with a 1/4" seam allowance, and no one will notice.  If the neckline is narrow I'll be able to stick in a button and loop closure, too.

The trim was draped on my dressform to create a square neckline.  The mitered corners should echo nicely the raglan sleeves of my pattern :)  I'd like to cover the entire sleeve top with the trim, leaving the back neckline plain.  I'm waiting to cut the trim until the blouse is assembled.

I've just started construction of the blouse and it's very simple.  I have the tucks pinned--on grain no less--and ready to sew.  Then I'll baste everything, check fit, and figure out how to insert the trim.

This is a fun project and I hope I don't run into too many problems.  So far it looks like it may be done by the weekend


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