May 3, 2011

Tap Pants

A close friend has shingles which is causing pain in her back and down one leg.  I'm thinking of sewing her some tap pants--she only has one pair of undies that don't cause pain.  I have jersey and silk satin in the stash already.

Between the Jane pj pattern, 2 OOP lingerie patterns and a pair of tap pants I should be able to create a workable pattern.  Metric Pattern Cutting has directions for french knickers, based on the culotte draft.  Modern Pattern Design also has instructions for drafting tap pants (site won't link).  The silhouette and gusset are great features.  Fluttery legs are so much prettier than fitted ones.

Have you sewn tap pants?  Any tips would be very welcome!

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  1. i dont know what tap pants are, but i am sure you will do a great job making them :)


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