June 17, 2011

New Furniture

I have a new living room :)  I moved last year and finally have furniture that works here!

Living room, from the entry
I bought new bookcases that are open so don't block the light.  I really like how it divides the space, leaving a reading nook and dining area (aka sewing room in winter).  The embroidered cushions match a lampshade I already own.

New comfy couch
The new couch is black leather, not something I ever imagined buying.  But it's thick leather, comfy, I love the chaise and the headrest is awesome!  Tall people need neck support too.

Reading nook, also cat bed

I bought some lovely fabric today for shirts.  I've realized how nice woven shirts are for warm weather, and happened to be passing the fabric store.  But I need to finish the quilt first: next step is pin basting.  Maybe I can get it done tonight.  I may use lemon bars to bribe a friend into helping ;)

In less happy news, Picasa ate some of my photos.  Luckily I have backups, but it's annoying to lose photos on blog entries and tedious to replace them.


  1. I like your furniture arrangement. Those shelves are really neat - where did you get them? They'd work great in my place also.

  2. @Karen in VA
    Thank you :) The shelves are from Ikea, the Expedit shelves.

  3. it looks great! i like how you separated the room, too.


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