May 10, 2016


Yesterday was a particularly difficult Monday. A guy I'd been seeing, who was enthusiastic just the night before, ended things. And in a confusing way. But since communication issues were the cause I guess I shouldn't feel surprised. Rejection still sucks.

Two friends are going through difficult things, so today and tomorrow I have missions of friendship to carry out. I enjoy being able to help others. It's frustrating, though, to be capable enough that people rarely ask how I'm doing. I'm doing better at reaching out at least.

Physically I'm not doing great: my weight is down 5 lbs in a couple weeks, which I only realized when all my clothes stopped fitting. Nausea and GI pain have made eating particularly difficult, but I'm trying harder. My energy level is still pretty high though :)

Here's a silly photo of my cats to carry you through the week.

This little piggy sees the vet today


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