May 19, 2016

How to be a Superhero

Yesterday my hand pain was so high it almost brought me to tears. Despite that, I attended a new knitting group. On the way home I stopped and climbed the Volunteer Park water tower as the sun was setting. It was beautiful!
The sun sets behind the Olympic mountains
Then I got home and did laundry--before Benlysta even one of the day's tasks would have been too much for me.

Today I drove to Olympia to visit a friend whose very ill husband is in the hospital. We were good friends already, but today she said I'm one of her best friends. That is an honor to hear, to be allowed into someone's life and heart like that. Knitting is such a great hobby in these situations: you can just sit and knit and talk. We also checked out a nearby bakery and bought almost one of everything ;)

Chronic illness has taken a lot from me but it's given greater compassion and understanding. I also have days free, when fatigue allows, to spend with friends. These are amazing gifts, however painfully earned. I feel superheroic successfully battling the forces of grief and isolation.


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