October 3, 2010

1930s Blouse Part 2

We continue the saga of my lovely but ravely blouse.  I bought and received the Singer Buttonholer supplementary templates:

The 3/8" size was just right :)  The buttonholes are slightly out of  line though I took out and redid the worst offender.  The buttonholer makes wonderful buttonholes but is very hard to repeatedly line up straight.  I had the same problem with a skirt.  Maybe the interwebs will yield advice before my next attempt.

The whole shebang, so far
I finished the back pieces and sewed the side seams.  So glad I'm using closed seams in this horrible fabric.  I gently hand washed the backs to make sure the washable marker I used for markings washes out and my entire seam allowance raveled in places!  Yes, I should have checked on a scrap.  At least it did wash out.

Side seam: doesn't match at underarm
Back pieces ready for sleeves

Not a pattern issue, but the side seams don't match up at the underarm.  The fabric must have stretched after cutting.  I tried to be accurate with cutting and used a rotary cutter, theoretically to avoid this problem.

I also sewed the sleeve darts, seamed the sleeves and started hemming them.

I can't get the rolled hem foot to work (can anyone?) so am rolling it by hand.  Maybe I'll play with the serger's rolled hem. Otherwise I'll baste the rolled hem then sew it by machine.  The fabric likes to wiggle around under the presser foot--perhaps the Singer will perform better as it has adjustable foot pressure.

Remaining to do:
Resew part of a side french seam as I didn't trim close enough the first time
Hem: the sleeves, bodice front top edge, blouse body.
Finish gathering cowl to fit sleeves, insert sleeves front and back
I made belt pieces but am leaving them off since the blouse is nicely fitted without them

Wow, I'm really almost done!  And excited to remake this in an appropriate, and manageable, fabric.

Also, the camisole was finished a few days ago:
It fits!

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished blouse. I've been eyeing this pattern for some time.


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