October 29, 2010

Women, Crafts and Building

So often I read sewers and other hobbyists write about how their wonderful husband built their sewing area.  Why aren't we at least helping, if not doing this ourselves?!?  Or does post feminism mean that we're back in the bad old days?  I can't be alone in this feeling...


  1. Interesting thought. I don't sew but see your point. Maybe one factor is that women feel like they have things that they'd rather do, or are better at, and would rather do those? A lot of people don't do things they are not good at.

    Though... i am unsure what a sewing area entails.. is it like building a table for sewing, or how does that work? Seriously question sry i am so dumb.

  2. @Lain
    No dumb questions :) Sometimes building is involved, other times it's Ikea furniture assembly. I absolutely understand doing what you enjoy and are good at.
    I think women too easily abdicate "men's work" without realizing they would enjoy it. It took a lot to achieve the level of gender equality we have, let's keep it!


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