January 24, 2011


I'm interested to read how many seamstresses dislike mending and alterations because I find them very satisfying.  How many times can you spend half an hour and have a new item to wear?

Friends find mending magical!  Returning someone's favorite garment to wearability makes you a hero.  I've mended a tear in a favorite sweatshirt, as invisibly as possible, to great acclaim.  I only do mending when I wish, however, and when I have time.  Some mending chores are terribly dull: the new wool coat that needed all its buttons resewn.

What are your thoughts on mending, and do you ever help out a (very very good) friend?

PS: I had planned to photograph some finished projects today but there's no sun.  Someday soon, I hope, I'll have new clothes to share :)


  1. I confess to being one of those who ineplicably detests mending. It doesn't really make sense, that's for sure, because in the end it's only a few minutes, as you say, but it just doesn't have the allure of a whole project.

    Speaking of buttons, I have to redo/finish the buttons on the Christmas coat. Still.

  2. @tanitisis
    Mending is definitely polarizing. I think everyone has a quick mending project that just sits, because we so don't want to do it!

    It fits well into my 30-60 minute spurts of energy. An entire sewing project can take a looong time to complete that way. Tracing a pattern or cutting fabric needs a very good day, which sometimes takes months to come.


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