January 5, 2011

Nurturing Positivity

After giving some good advice to friends I decided to throw some my own way.  Maybe it'll stick ;)

For 2011 I have a new house rule: For every negative thing that is mentioned you say something positive.  I think this will help reinforce the mental balance I aim for.  It's so easy for people to get busy and forget to notice the many wonderful things in the world.

Speaking of which, walking home yesterday I saw the iris leaves peaking through the soil :)  Let's just hope winter doesn't crash down on us again and freeze them!

I've been doing some sewing--two sewing machine covers I still need to photograph, and altering a wool skirt.  Unfortunately I found a tear in the skirt so need to mend that before I can rehem it.  I'll also have a new sweater as soon as I sew the buttons on it (right after this!).  Watch this space for those updates :)


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