April 3, 2011

Easy Sewing

The jumper project is wearing me out and I need some quicker gratification.  I could make a t-shirt, I have some fun knits.  I really like what Tanitisis and Steph did recently with cowl tees.  I'm also considering a dress.  Specifically, this dress:

I've wanted to sew this pattern for a few years but worried about messing up.  If I do mess up, so what?  The pattern was 99¢, the fabric was on sale--just do it!  My arm would have to loosen up enough to cut the fabric, however, and that's seeming unlikely.  So I may make a tee after all.

I'm worried who I am if I'm no longer able to create.  Having something tangible to show for a day or week makes me feel better about life.  Lately even knitting has been impossible sometimes, with my arm hurting so much.  It's worrisome.


  1. I have made the similar Simplicity dress twice. It is super flattering! And definitely just go for it (when you can).

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping new meds will help, if insurance covers them. I'd love to have some energy to sew!


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