April 6, 2011

Picasa Troubles

While writing a post tonight I realized that Picasa deleted a bunch of my photos :(  Most importantly the jumper pics, so those blog posts have no photos!  The photos are on my drive but all formatting is gone, and they're no longer in Picasa folders.  Picasa updated itself this evening so I assume that's the cause.  So I'll be reformatting and reloading photos tomorrow--whoopee.

I meant to show you some madras plaid that I'm hoping to sew a blouse from.  I have a couple patterns to choose from but those photos been affected as well.  Maybe tomorrow I won't have a migraine, will have some energy, and can fix all this as well as sew a little.  Wish me luck...


  1. This seems odd: are you certain that you're pushing all the "ok" buttons when you import your photos, and you're actually seeing them in the file? Are you sure when you're looking at them that you're signed in as YOU? If not, and they're private files, you're not going to be able to access them.

  2. @Peter
    I use the Picasa software and sync photos online.
    Photos I'd already uploaded, from old posts, were gone. No idea how that happened. This is the kind of weird computer stuff that happens to me, unfortunately.


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