April 2, 2011

Jumper Fitting 3

I've made some more progress on the jumper (fitting post 1 and post 2).  Sewing has been difficult due to nerve issues in my arm.  But on I plod...

Look ma, sewing with cardboard!

I altered the right bust dart to be horizontal and eliminated pulling from the side seam.  Adding a center front zip created a tummy pouch, so I'm rethinking a front button closure.  Either functional or faux with a side zip.

I really like the scoop neck and think it will look nice with various necklines.

Right side
Left side

I prefer the look and fit of the diagonal bust dart on the left side and welcome opinions pro or con.  The front darts need further tweaking.  Everything needs tweaking, actually.

The left side has remained unchanged, and I prefer the shorter waist dart that's slightly further from the center front.

Some experimentation on the back neckline yielded interesting results.  A small scoop, as on the left, is nice.  A deeper scoop creates folds that need pinched out, etc.

The back darts need to move toward the center.  On the right side I angled the dart below the waist so it points toward the greatest fullness (aka my buttock).  It's better than the right side so I suppose the next step is to rip out and resew the darts.  I'm not sure why the right side dart looks curved because it's a straight line.  Hmmm

Well, that's about all the energy I have today.  My arm and shoulder have really tightened up making even simple alterations difficult.  I'm hoping to get more energy so I can fix these problems and move onto making the dress.  Right now just thinking about it exhausts me.

As always, thanks for reading :)


  1. I keep thinking it looks good and then you keep tweaking and making it better! I especially like the angling of the dart on the back. I am still thoroughly intimidated by darts ;)

  2. @Tanit-Isis

    Thank you very much! That's funny because I keep looking at the photos and thinking how far I still have to go! I'm thrilled to have a reality check via this blog.


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