November 4, 2010

The Best Coat Ever!

Once upon a time, when I was in college, I bought a winter coat.  This was no ordinary coat: a US Navy Bridge coat, an unbelievable deal at a surplus store (~$90 for coat and boots and tax).  Now they run $200+.

Please forgive the surly man; he can't find the perfect winter coat either.

The coat is 32oz black wool (more than double the thickest civilian wool coats), nice sturdy lining, a buttoned walking flap, and was so warm and dry!  I switched to black nut buttons, flaring them out a little to give room for my hips.  I also narrowed the back belt for waist definition.  I wore this coat for years--my last year of college, seven years after that, and it was just showing signs of wear.  Then I gave it away...

I could still buy another, but I'd prefer to leave the perfect memory intact.  Instead I'm thinking of sewing a new winter coat.  Perhaps for next year?  This time in red!  Or I may be lazy and buy another country's military cast-offs ;)


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