November 10, 2010

Skirt Issues

I bought two skirts online, a black wool A-line and Pendleton plaid with pleats.  The black one was supposed to be my size (28"w), the plaid I would either wear on my hips or somehow alter (I really really like the plaid!)
Desired shape L, original silhouette R

Unfortunately the A-line didn't fit.  The waist was too big, by over an inch.  The shape was weird: instead of curving over the hip them gently flaring it jutted straight out from the waist.  Very not flattering. ----->

I set about altering it.  I removed the waistband from the back, unpicked the side seams and the darts.  This was a home sewn number with tiny stitches, black on black, so it took a while to dismember.  Then I fit it on my newly customized dress form.

Currently one side is basted to fit and I just need to copy the changes to the other side.  Then I'll double check fit, sew it back together and voila! nice winter skirt.  At least that's the plan ;)

PS: I saw a good warm coat for sale and bought it.  I may still sew a wool coat in the future.


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