November 9, 2010

Me, Only Foamier

Here's my dress form, her cover newly adjusted to be my size :)  Dressform striptease here

This Uniquely You form is foam, which you squish to your size and shape with a custom fitted cover.  This was a great choice for me since I have a long torso, sway back and my weight fluctuates.  

She's not a perfect match to me but close enough for fitting and a huge help with tissue fitting!  Fitting the cover skewed most of the vertical seams.  I'm considering sewing another cover, to go over this one, from slippery stretch knit with key lines marked.
Waist stay closure

For some reason everywhere except the bust pushes the cover out.  Her breasts needed some help, hence an old bra stuck on top.  It also helps with bust point location and strap placement.  I added a grosgrain waist stay, since that's been the area of greatest strain.  

Wonky breasts :/

The finishing touches were a jacket (for modesty) and a self-esteem boosting Sexy mask.  Anyone stuck wearing khaki 24/7 needs a little pick me up ;)

I'd love some help naming her!  Comments in general are a highlight of my day.  Thanks to everyone who reads this!

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  1. I think you should name it "Lady"...something. Like Lady Di but with a dif name instead of Di.

    I just like the thought of it.


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