November 15, 2010


Everyone gets lonely at times.  We live in a society where closeness is unusual, whether touching or sharing.  Privacy has been carried so far that it takes extreme effort to make a friend!  We don't have a network of friends and family living close by.  We spend most of our time at work, with colleagues (or me, home alone).  A couple hours in the evening are left for socializing and relaxing.  It's not enough.

Imagine a pioneer family, living and working together.  They work all day but spend that time together.  The work is hard but necessary and with obvious immediate benefits--the firewood you cut keeps you warm that night.  Family is all around; they are your best friends.

That same couple today rarely see each other: each is at work all day, the kids are in school.  They may meet at dinner but scatter to separate rooms for the evening.  Work is not a joint effort, there are no obvious personal benefits from it and children are not taught at their parent's knee the tasks they'll need in life.

We have lost community and are surprised that families are strained and depression and anxiety have skyrocketed.  Everyone is too busy with modern life to stop and say hello.  Instead we sit home, alone, at a computer and search for community.

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  1. This is an interesting entry. Yes there is less closeness.... but in a way, maybe thats good? I cant imagine spending 24/7 with someone. I'd kill them. Being alone sort of encourages people to have their own personalities and find their way in the world too.

    I guess each has its advantages though.


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