November 23, 2010

Our Very Own Thanksgiving

For various reasons my fella and I are celebrating Thanksgiving together.  Immediate family may stop by but mostly it's just us :)  I have a frozen chicken thawing.  With the roads so icy and one of my tires half flat I'm in no mood to drive to buy a turkey.  I have enough food for a full turkey-day dinner, stuffing included!

I may make a cheesecake, or lemon bars--yum!  Those are our two favorites.  If anyone has a Lemon Bar recipe they recommend please let me know.  I'll try the Joy of Cooking Lemon Curd Bars, but this will be my first attempt.  Puff pastry, angel food cake, buttercream, fudge, meringue, you name it and I've made it, but no lemon bars.

All this is energy dependent, so wishes for luck and stamina are gratefully appreciated.  Wishing everyone else a happy, healthy day filled with people you love.


I adore comments! Thanks for taking the time :)

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