November 6, 2010

Cute Pincushion

Inspired by Johanna at The Last Stitch, how I store my sewing machine needles:

Backstitch numbers and various stitches for the lines.

I'm altering a skirt, this was handy to hold the bar.
Misc is meant for needles that don't fit elsewhere.

I had an extra tomato pincushion so embroidered yellow labels and lines, to hold my machine needles.  There's a section for each size, plus room for stretch needles, misc, P for paper (to mark seam allowances) and a section for hand sewing needles.  A glass head pin holds the place of the needle currently being used.  Unused needles stay in the original holder.

This is new, and already much better than the old system of trying to read stamped numbers on needle shanks, not knowing whether the needle is new, and too many needle cases in my machine's accessory case.


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